clash1 [ klæʃ ] noun count **
▸ 1 fight/battle
▸ 2 violent argument
▸ 3 between two teams
▸ 4 bad combination
▸ 5 sound of metal hitting
▸ 6 two things at same time
▸ 7 bad-looking combination
1. ) MAINLY JOURNALISM a fight or battle between two groups of people:
clash between: Yesterday saw violent clashes between police and protesters.
2. ) MAINLY JOURNALISM a very angry argument between two people or groups:
clash with: The head of the Federal Reserve faces a clash with business leaders tomorrow.
clash between: a clash between the administration and the media
3. ) MAINLY JOURNALISM an important game or competition between two teams or players:
clash with: Ewing will not be playing in Saturday's clash with Miami.
4. ) a situation in which two people or things are very different from each other so that they cannot exist together or work together:
clash of: a problem that has been caused by a clash of cultures
a personality clash: Many bands break up because of personality clashes between musicians.
5. ) a loud sound made when two metal objects hit each other:
the clash of the cymbals
6. ) an annoying situation in which two events happen at the same time
7. ) a combination of two colors, patterns, etc. that do not look good together
clash 2 [ klæʃ ] verb *
▸ 1 start fighting
▸ 2 argue violently with someone
▸ 3 play against each other
▸ 4 look bad together
▸ 5 happen at same time
▸ 6 hit and make sound
1. ) intransitive MAINLY JOURNALISM if two groups of people clash, they suddenly start fighting with each other:
clash with: Angry students clashed with riot police in Miami yesterday.
2. ) intransitive MAINLY JOURNALISM to argue very angrily with someone:
clash with someone over something: Morgan clashed with editors over whether to publish the story.
3. ) intransitive MAINLY JOURNALISM if two teams or players clash, they play an important game or competition against each other:
The two teams clashed in the regional playoffs.
4. ) intransitive if two colors, patterns, etc. clash, they do not look good together:
clash with: His T-shirt clashed with his shorts.
5. ) intransitive if two events clash, they happen at the same time, so that you cannot be present at both of them:
clash with: The conference dates clash with John's wedding.
6. ) intransitive or transitive if two metal objects clash, or if you clash them, they hit each other and make a loud sound

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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